Liquid gold

Before it gets liquid and gold, it’s round and green-red. Then it’s dried, roasted, ground and extracted. Eventually, deeply brown in colour and extremely aromatic. Coffee. For me, as precious as gold. Not only for me, I’m not an exception. Nowadays, coffee culture is spread worldwide. Especially in Australia, coffee lifestyle seems to rule everyday […]

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Chapter 4: The Great Ocean Road

Way to Melbourne So the story continues. From breathtaking Australian New Zealand – Wilsons Promontory Park – to the Great Ocean Road through the capital city of Victoria. There’s not much time to spend here, I need to keep moving. The only thing I decide to visit in Melbourne, is a local aquarium and go […]

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Life on the Beach

It is estimated that more than 80% of Australians live within 100km from the coast line. I live 5km from the nearest beach, Balmoral, and approx. 1km from the closest waterfront. I love it here! For me, a girl from the mountain foothills and the land of plains, it feels like paradise. In Sydney, there […]

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