Shark Island

In Central Coast, where the land meets the ocean and the rough surface slowly disappears into deep blue waters, there’s an island. A Shark Island. The path leading there, is made of sand. This slushy sabulous bridge disappears and appears again twice a day. Moon and Ocean’s love is visible in the tides very clearly. […]

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The best things in life are free

In front of me – Caves Beach Surf Life Saving Club with an open bar and live music. Behind me, just open ocean. I’m stuck in between sound waves in the air and liquid waves in the water. Can’t move – can’t complain. It’s pretty nice here, in the interference field. I’m collecting moments like […]

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The moon and the ocean

I’m in the Central Coast in New South Wales. I want to say: in a secret spot, that I chose by scrolling Google Maps along the eastern coastline of Australia and pointing at a random (almost) site. But soon, it will be pretty clear, what’s the name of this place and why I chose it. […]

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Australian lover

Hot, rough, tough, rich and beautiful Who wouldn’t fall in love? Who wouldn’t want to share life together? Forever. Not young but with a youthful soul. With an amazing story. A story of a villain. But it’s in the past… Now, open to the cultures of the world, constantly developing. With a cool attitude and […]

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My Mission

Still dreaming Light breeze gently cools my skin. I soak my toes and make ripples on the flat surface. I can feel bumpy and slippery bottom under my feet. I lose my balance. Decision has to be quick. NOW! sssssplasssssssssssssshhhhhhhhh Thousands of icy needles are piercing my skin, but I have it all to myself. […]

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