The geometry of taste

Have you ever tried something that tastes round? It took me a while to comprehend the complex equation of the difference between salty and savoury, acidic and tangy, bitter and umami, dry and… Tannic It’s not only the chemistry of the taste, as when you consider tasting buds of your tongue, that allow you to name […]

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“The Vinebeat”

Hello everyone! I’m happy to announce that I’ve been chosen as one of the 6 finalists for the wine video contest at ! It’s a 2-minute long video of my journey about transferring from disliking wine to loving it (true story!). The voting will continue until Sunday night, 16th September 2018 (New York time […]

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Follow your senses

It’s been a while since I wrote about my surfing experience. Recently, I’ve been working on another experience in my life, a wine journey. Soon, there will be more to read about this, to look at some pictures and maybe even to see a video! All about a little-known, a little inaccessible and a little […]

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Let the ocean set you free

You say: swimming? I think: more like dipping. You say: waves? I’m more into flat, calm surfaces. You say: cold water and salt in your mouth, nose and eyes? I say: you gotta be kidding me! I do love ocean, that’s right, but I also love warm water, soaking my feet and taking a sun […]

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Solo travelling girl

Alone but not lonely Sometimes life puts you in a situation when you really need holidays and you really want to go, but you just don’t have a companion. But that’s OK, because you have you! At first, you’re a bit shy and not sure if it’s a good idea to be OUT THERE alone. […]

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My Mission

Still dreaming Light breeze gently cools my skin. I soak my toes and make ripples on the flat surface. I can feel bumpy and slippery bottom under my feet. I lose my balance. Decision has to be quick. NOW! sssssplasssssssssssssshhhhhhhhh Thousands of icy needles are piercing my skin, but I have it all to myself. […]

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